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My name is Sarah, i am from Sierra Leone. I am in a choir in my church. My church is called ICC (International Christian Chruch). I am part of KINO ASYL because I want to get to know new people

I’m Ali Khorosh Fazli Bayat. I’m from Afghanistan and right now I’m living in Zolling close to Munich with my family. Now I want to say something about myself. When I was 18 I joined a big theater group called "Asad Theater". After

My name is Jamila Ahmed and I have been a member of Kinoasyl since 2016. KINO ASYL is such a creative and fun way of connecting people with different backgrounds and that's why I am excited to do it again this

My name is Avan, I am Canadian with Kurdish origins. I have lived in many different parts oft he world and can speak several languages. I never felt like I am how a typical person of my age would be

My name is Nwaokoro Goodness, I am from Nigeria. My hobbies are watching football, playing and listening to music, reading and watching sensational movies. I like to come in contact to meet with new people that make an impact in life.

Mein Name ist Benedikt Aigner und ich bin zum ersten Mal bei KINO ASYL dabei. Ich studiere derzeit Kultur- und Medienpädagogik im 5. Semester und bin über eine Praktikumsstelle im MZM nach München gekommen. Ich kümmere mich zusammen mit dem

Hi, my name is Lisa and it is my first time at KINO ASYL. I startet as an intern in the 'Medienzentrum' and continued working for this project. I am really happy to be part of this great team and