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My name is Avan, I am Canadian with Kurdish origins. I have lived in many different parts oft he world and can speak several languages. I never felt like I am how a typical person of my age would be or feel…and gladly (or finally) I can say…I am proud of that!

My message to the universe: Be kind


Dienstag 5.12. | 21:00 Uhr | Gasteig Carl-Amery-Saal


Haus ohne Dach

Iraq/Germany 2016 | Regie: Sollen Yusef | 124 Min | OmU

This Kurdish-German film is about the journey of the siblings LIYA, JAN and ALAN who were born in the Kurdish area of Iraq and grown up in Germany, and returning to their homeland to bury their mother. On their journey, they are faced with obstacles from their extended family, as well as issues between the siblings. To add to their demise, their homeland is also divided and heading towards catastrophe.

The film touches upon many themes including personal family issues, culture, and revealing life in a war torn land. The film was able to portray these themes successfully, and in a heartfelt and realistic way.

I hope this film teaches the audience about Kurdistan, Kurdish history and culture, and the struggle of its people, in achieving freedom and autonomy.