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My name is Nwaokoro Goodness, I am from Nigeria.

My hobbies are watching football, playing and listening to music, reading and watching sensational movies. I like to come in contact to meet with new people that make an impact in life. Movement is also one of the things I like (Like I use to say that traveling is part of education).

Why I am part of KINO ASYL? The last meeting motivated me to have an interest to be among or be one of the participants of this year’s event. ‘Cause I saw it as an opportunity to express and bring out my talents to the world to see.

Talking about my talents, ‘cause I know that many may like to know what my talents are.

Being a musician, I have been looking for a place and time to perform on an open air but all are to vein (fall or didn’t work out).

Being someone who loves reading, like in one of the books I read I found out that readers are leaders because readers get more information and information is power. That’s why I said that when you are not informed, you get deformed.

When I said that I like traveling or movement; suggested that I am someone who doesn’t like to go out or travel I wouldn’t have met people like you guys.

Conclusion: In this life don’t try to find out what tomorrow will be, but make use of every chance you have in life, because you do not know, what tomorrow will be.