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I’m Ali Khorosh Fazli Bayat. I’m from Afghanistan and right now I’m living in Zolling close to Munich with my family.
When I was 18 I joined a big theater group called „Asad Theater“. With great chance I succeed to join a workshop of camera from Poland country in our school, After Art’s high school, I finished the University as a Director of Cinema and during that time I made three short films for the examination project of department.
I have experience in camera, editing and acting. I like it very much to watch new movies online in rooms like a Cinema. After University in 2014 we produced in a small team a long actionmovie called: „Black Mission“. I was the assistant Director of this movie and I also had a short acting role. In 2018 I made a music video clip in München, right now I am learning the german language and I hope to be Always with my family. Sinse 2017 I am with KinoAsyl team.