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Grand Opening*

Sunday 4. December, Entry 6.00 pm , Beginning 6.30 pm
Münchener Kammerspiele, Kammer 3

After its big success KINO ASYL opens its doors for the second time with film, music, sketches, drinks and snacks.



وبعدا…؟! Then what?!
Syrien 2014, 10 Min., OmdtU
Director: Ali Boshnak


The movie tells the story of two young lovers. Joury trusts herself to her lover’s hands, although he drives her mad every now and then. But does it mean this is an ordinary love story?

This film will be presented by Ayham:


Bukashi Boys
Afghanistan / USA 2012, 30 Min., OmdtU
Director: Sam French


Buzkashi Boys is a film about two best friends. Rafi (son of a smith) and Ahmad (a street child) who share deep friendship and love for Buzkashi, a traditional version of polo. Together they struggle to work on their dreams, duty and strived to work towards their own future in the war-torn country Afghanistan.

This film is presented by Tawfiq und Imraan.


Presentation: Jamila und Mohamed.

Place: Münchener Kammerspiele Kammer 3, Falckenbergstraße 2, 80539 München

Admission free, donations are welcome!

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وبعدا...؟! Then what?!, Syrien 2014, 10 Min., OmdtU und Bukashi Boys, Afghanistan / USA 2012, 30 Min., OmdtU
Place: Kammer 3, Kammerspiele München