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My name is Mahdi Amiri, i was born in Afghanistan, in the region Jaghori. I want to show the people our real culture. In my homecountry, there are many different nations, which have it’s own, different cultures.

I am, for example, part of the group ‚Hazara’, which is known for its magnificent, traditional clothing and for the food.

I always wanted to show the German people something from my culture, which would certainly appeal to them. I have so much to tell about it. KINO ASYL is a chance for me, which brings me a step closer to this goal.

I chose this movie, because it shows:

  • what 40 years of war in Afghanistan did with the country
  • which effect the war has – especially on kids
  • which wishes children have
  • what kids play in Afghanistan at the moment

Wednesday, 6.12., 8 pm, Kammer 2, free entry

Buddha zerfiel vor Scham

Buda as sharm foru rikht | Buddha zerfiel vor Scham

Iran/Frankreich 2007 |  81 Min. |  OmU | Regie: Hana Makhmalbaf

In 2001 the Taliban blew up buddha statues in Bamian, a cultural centre in Afghanistan. In the caves of a former monastery of this place, a girl called Bakhtay is growing up between fights with boygangs and with the deep wish of finding a place in a new girls school.