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„As Afghan refugee, I came to Germany 15 months ago. My occupation as a film director explains my special interest in movies. Due to the advice of some friends, I found the guys from KINO ASYL. I like working with people from different countries very much, because I could get to know new cultures and different points of views. It was very helpful to discuss my short movie with my friends at KINO ASYL.

With this movie I want to express, that love doesn’t grow old. Although we are young, we should never forget that one day we are going to be “the old generation”.“


Aref presents:

Snore, Afghanistan 2012, 10 Min., OmeU

Director: Aref Mohebi
Monday 5.12.2016, 10.00 am
Location: Vortragssaal der Bibliothek, Gasteig München


Aref Mohebi tells the story of an old man, who mourns in his very own way about the death of his wife. Aref needs little to create a very authentic picture of the rural live in Afghanistan.