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„Hi, my name is Naseef, I’m from Uganda and am 23 years old. My current place of residence is Munich and I have been in Germany for a year now. I like music, playing basketball, watching action-adventure and inspirational movies.

Well, I like KINO ASYL because it brings different cultures together and that we can learn from different point of views of life. For example we get to know different foods, languages and the way people dress. Besides we talk about our social life from different parts of the world.“


Naseef presents:

SITUKA (A Call for Action), Uganda 2015, 63 Min., OmdtU
Director: Kwezi Kaganda Ruhinda
Montag 5.12.2016, 10.00 am
Location: Vortragssaal der Bibliothek, Gasteig München


Amanio is a young Lady with an ambition, who is very much into social issues. Her boyfriend Muganga is a diligent as well as an adventurous young man, who wants to achieve something in his life. A car accident changes  their lives …